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A little bit of history...

Link Technologies Ltd began operations in 1989 in laboratories within Glasgow University with an initial emphasis on the provision of reagents for DNA synthesis. In 1992 the Company expanded to occupy custom-equipped laboratories in Cumbernauld near Glasgow. In 2000 we moved to newly-built premises at the Strathclyde Business Park in central Scotland, and in 2008 the upgrading of these facilities to include kilo-scale laboratories was completed.

Initially the Company operated primarily as a contract manufacturer with a number of key clients, however in 2001 we launched our first catalogue of reagents offering our manufactured products direct to customers. Since then the catalogue has grown to hundreds of products, many of them unique to us, whilst our custom and contract business goes from strength to strength.

Throughout this expansion, the Company goal has remained the same: to provide the unique link between scientists working in the life sciences and the chemical tools and technologies that they require. Such a bridge forms the basis of the multi-disciplinary approach vital to the growing biotechnology industry.

In July 2017, Link was acquired by LGC.