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16 March 2016

Reduce your modified oligo costs with lower pricing on HEX, TET, dSpacer, Biotin-TEG CPG and Dabcyl CPG.


The choice of fluorescein-type dye labels is diverse. Aside from (6-FAM) (2134), HEX (2136) and TET (2137) are some of the most commonly used.

3'-Biotin-TEG CPG

3'-Biotin-TEG CPG (2353) has an extended 15 atom mixed polarity spacer arm based on a triethylene glycol linker. The benefits of separating the biotin from the rest of the oligo are seen in applications where possible steric hindrance effects could be reduced, e.g. when dual-labelling with bulky reporter molecules, such as haptens, dyes, or enzymes.

dSpacer-CE Phosphoramidite

The flexibility of alkyl chain spacers distorts the sugar-phosphate backbone. This can be alleviated with the use of dSpacer (2146). This modifier also mimics abasic sites and is useful in the study of mutations resulting from depurination.


Dabcyl, because of its light absorbance properties and lack of residual fluorescence, has been widely used as a quencher in diagnostic probes such as Molecular Beacons™. Incorporate at the 3'-end of an oligo using 3'-Dabcyl CPG (2374) - e.g. for Taqman™ probes, duplex Scorpions™ and Molecular Beacons™.

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