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Our commitment to competitive Euro pricing.

31 August 2016

There has been much uncertainty in financial markets since the UK "Brexit" vote in June. As a result, we have seen some volatility in currency exchange rates. This is of particular significance to LINK - as a manufacturing company based in Scotland - selling our products outside the UK, especially in Europe. We are aware that customers may be wondering how we might be responding to this, therefore we would like to provide some clarification on some common questions.

Which currencies do we trade in?

We have list prices in pounds Sterling, Euro and US Dollars. These can all be viewed on our website. It should be noted, however, that (apart from a few products) our catalogue US sales are conducted through our distributor AIC.

How do we set our Euro prices?

We publish a fixed Euro price list on the web site. This is not simply a conversion on the current variable rate, because a number of factors influence the price (such as licencing, source of raw materials etc). The conversion factor from pounds Sterling we use varies between products groups, again because the factors that contribute to the pricing are not the same for all products. For this reason, the list price in Euros for some products is slightly higher when compared to the variable rate, however for most it is about the same, and for many it is actually lower.

Why don't we use variable Euro pricing?

Quite simply, our customers like to know the actual price of our products. This helps us considerably when processing orders, preparing quotes, arranging blanket orders over a longer period and agreeing discounts for regular customers.

Do we provide discounts on list prices?

Yes. Whilst we try and make our list price for every product as realistic as possible, we agree that customers should benefit from regular and/or larger volume ordering by receiving discounted pricing. We believe in doing this transparently and fairly. We are more than happy to agree such competitive pricing based on your specific requirements. Contact us for a quote.

If I am buying from Europe, can I buy in pounds Sterling?

Yes. But you shouldn't need to. We can certainly invoice European customers in pounds Sterling if this is required, however we don't recommend this as route to perceived cheaper pricing. If you have any concerns over the Euro pricing in relation to the Sterling one, then let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs through discounting.

Will we be increasing our list prices?

No. We review our list prices continually, and have in fact reduced the price on many products in recent months. Whilst we may alter the Euro conversion rate on some or all products in the future, we have no plans to do this until a period of stability can be seen in the markets. Even then, the changes will be aimed at making our products less expensive, not more.

What if I buy from a distributor?

We provide our distributors with fixed pricing in the same way we do with our direct customers; but with a distributor discount built in. Again, this provides stability of pricing when dealing with customer quotes etc. They are at liberty to set end-users pricing as they wish, however our aim is always to provide a pricing structure that allows them to sell and discount as competitively as possible.

In summary, LINK has been - and always will be - wholly committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices, along with the best customer service in the industry. Markets may change, but that philosophy will not.

If you like to discuss what we can do for you then please get in touch.

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