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Ordering Information

All you need to know about getting your oligonucleotide synthesis reagents from us.

Product Packaging

There are a number of different automated DNA/RNA synthesisers in current use. Our standard product packaging is designed to be compatible with the original configuration of as many of the popular small to medium scale models as possible, the most common being the ABI391/392/394 series, the Expedite 8909 and the MerMade range.

The different bottles used in our packaging are listed in the table below.

Code  Item No.
Type Neck Closure
A  0189 8ml Amber glass
20mm Septum
B  0190 15ml Amber glass
20mm Septum
C  0230 30ml (1oz)
Amber glass
18mm Screw
D  0411 30ml (1oz)
Amber glass
28-405 (28-400) Screw
E  0229 60ml Amber glass
18mm Screw
F  0105 60ml Amber glass
20mm Septum
G  0107 100ml Amber glass
20mm Septum
H  0109 200ml (8oz)
Amber glass
24-405 (24-400)
J  0110 200ml (8oz) Amber glass
28-405 (28-400)
Q  1000 250ml Clear glass (Schott)
GL45 Screw
K  0111 450ml (16oz)
Amber glass
28-405 (28-400)
L  0747 500ml Clear glass (Schott)
DIN45 (GL45) Screw
500ml Amber glass (Schott)
M  0448 1L Amber glass
DIN45 (GL45) Screw

Unmodified DNA phosphoramidites are packaged in ABI, Expedite and MerMade vials. Customers should therefore note the relevant catalogue numbers in the ordering information for these products.

All other phosphoramidites (up to 250mg) are packed in an 8ml ABI compatible vial, bottle A in the table above. An empty Expedite vial, for transfer of the amidites by the customer, can be supplied free of charge if requested. Please indicate this requirement by explicitly ordering the vial pack (2100-Z001; contains bottle C). Similarly, empty MerMade bottle packs can be supplied free of charge (order 2173-Z001, bottle D).

Our column-packed CPG supports are routinely packaged in ALL-FIT columns suitable for use with most automated synthesisers which use the luer format, including ABI and Expedite instruments. Pipette-tip columns (for use with MerMade), packed with base functionalised CPGs and popular 3'-modifier CPGs, are also available and are listed where appropriate. Where not listed these can normally be packed by request. Similarly, base functionalised or modified polystyrene can be packed in either luer or pipette-tip columns, although the latter is more common. Popular packing options are listed, but others are available.

PNA products are packed in bottle C, as is EDITH.

Ancillary liquid reagents are packaged in a number of bottle sizes and type.

To order empty stock bottles and columns see here.

Given the variety of instruments available, we do not list every possible bottle size. In many instances, however, where we do not list a type of packaging or bottle type we may still be able to assist you with what you require. Therefore please ask and we'll do our best to help.

Where we supply bulk quantities of a product this will be supplied either in HDPE Nalgene® bottles (powders) or Schott/Duran bottles (oils) unless otherwise specified.

Pricing & Payment

Current prices (in £, € and $) are available on our website. Discounts will be considered on regular and bulk purchases. An automatic 10% discount on our list prices will be applied for customers from academic institutions, except where alternative or additional discounts have been agreed, or where the product already has volume discounting as standard. We reserve the right to alter or remove this discount on certain products at our discretion. Customers with agreed discounts will be able to view these prices when logged in to the site.

Customers can be invoiced in GBP, Euro or USD according to their preference. By default, invoices should be settled by SWIFT transfer. Bank payment details are available by request, however are provided with invoices.

Please note that USD pricing displayed is applicable to North America and Canada. APAC or other regional pricing may differ. Please either contact your distributor or get in touch with us for pricing.

Ordering via our website

Orders can be placed online. Printed orders for faxing to us can also be generated easily on our website. Customers registered with the site can log in to view their agreed discounts and can order products instantly at these prices. If you wish assistance with registering on the website then please contact Payment for orders made via the site is collected by invoice.There is currently no immediate payment facility on the website, however invoices can be requested via PayPal for credit card payment (see above).

Ordering by fax, telephone or e-mail

When using any of these methods, please ensure that you provide us with the following information:

  • Customer number (if known)
  • Contact name and telephone number
  • E-mail address for order confirmation and shipping notification
  • Purchase order number
  • Catalogue numbers and product descriptions
  • Order quantity and unit size of products

For current customers delivery and invoice addresses will not be required unless different from previous orders.

Orders can be placed by:

Confirmation of orders

Orders will be confirmed by e-mail upon receipt, giving an estimated shipping date if possible. Receipt of orders placed on the website will also be confirmed automatically by e-mail. Please advise immediately if there are any discrepancies. Where an estimated shipping date is not provided with the order confirmation, one will be provided ASAP. To guarantee next-day delivery for stock items, orders must be placed by 14:00 (UK Time). Orders received after this time may be shipped for next-day delivery by special arrangement.


Shipping costs are summarised in the table below. In each of the UK, EU and US territories there is a standard shipping rate for non-hazardous goods. Regardless of storage conditions, most of our products are perfectly stable for ambient temperature shipment. However, some products require shipment on ice. For these an additional shipment charge is necessary. We do not routinely ship on dry ice, however this can be arranged at the customer's expense.

Due to carrier restrictions and legal requirements a higher shipment cost is incurred on shipments of hazardous products. Outside of the UK, this is variable and will be confirmed on receipt of order. Please note the vast majority of our products are classed as non-hazardous, however all solvents and liquid reagents are classed as hazardous. An updated list of countries we are able to ship hazardous goods to is now also included below. Please do note that the regulations for shipping hazardous goods change frequently, so it is always worth checking the web site for updates.

Hazardous products, and those requiring shipment on ice, are noted as such on the web site and identified in the Product Guide. Where multiple shipments are required on a single order, we only charge the highest shipment component to a customer. For example, an order containing both hazardous and non-hazardous goods will be shipped in two shipments: the hazardous shipment will be charged accordingly, however the non-hazardous shipment will incur no further charge.

To guarantee same-day shipment for non-hazardous stock items, orders must be placed by 14:00 (UK time). For hazardous items this cut-off is 11:00 (UK time). Stock items are normally shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order (except where perishable products or hazardous products require alternative shipping arrangements). Where products are not in stock, customers will be advised within 24 hours of expected shipping dates. Notification of shipping
will be made by e-mail, providing full Internet package tracking information where available.

Summary of shipping costs





Orders containing no hazardous good, shipped at ambient temperature





Orders containing products requiring shipment on ice.
£15 €50 $45 Variable

Orders containing hazardous goods*


Variable - see included countries below.

Not available

Not available.

* The cost of hazardous shipments outside of mainland UK (Scotland, England, Wales) is variable and sent by a non-guaranteed delivery service. Delivery is typically up to 1-2 weeks.

In all cases where costs are variable the actual cost will be confirmed upon receipt of order.

Hazardous goods can only be shipped to the following countries: UK, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, The Republic Of Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Delivery methods and cost of shipments outside of the UK, Europe and the US will be confirmed upon receipt of order if available.

These costs are subject to change therefore please do check here for our latest charges.

Terms and conditions of sale

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