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Utilising the skills and experience of the acquired LINK and Berry chemistry teams, Biosearch Technologies offers a dedicated custom synthesis service, primarily focused on nucleoside analogues or non-nucleosidic compounds for oligo modification. Our highly trained and experienced synthetic chemists have a proven track record of supplying tailored compounds for specialist applications.


Please note we do not provide a custom oligonucleotide synthesis service, however this is available within other parts of the LGC Genomics business via Biosearch and Axolabs.

Custom synthesis often involves very long syntheses and/or situations where significant route or purification optimisation is required. The outcome of this kind of work is very difficult to predict with certainty. Based on our extensive experience, our proposals are best estimates of what we believe to be required, in time, synthetic route and materials. All of these factors are best accommodated in the approach detailed below, where the customer pays only for work actually carried out and receives the outputs of this work, both in terms of materials produced and/or information gained. In this way we believe the customer remains in control of the project.

We have particular expertise in providing high quality compounds such as:

  • modified nucleosides and nucleotides
  • non-standard phosphoramidites
  • other reagents for DNA, RNA, LNA, and PNA synthesis

Syntheses can be undertaken on a "one-off" basis or we can agree to supply the product over an extended period. We will use all sources of procedures available to meet customers' needs: published; in-house developed; and those provided by the customer even if the latter is still in development.

Our current scale capacity is up to kilogram quantities, however commonly we would operate at the multi-gram level for custom products until robust routes are established. It is not generally cost-effective to synthesise a custom product below a 5g scale.

No work is carried out without first agreeing a detailed specification for the product(s).

Clients are required to provide full information on any work they have already attempted to synthesise the target compound(s).

Our Promise

Our main objective when carrying out custom synthesis work is to ensure that we meet a customer's expectations as exactly as possible. Therefore:

  • We will make every effort to successfully complete the work as proposed, in the agreed timescale.
  • We will only attempt work as detailed in the proposal and charge you as agreed. There are no hidden costs.
  • If we complete the project in a shorter time than predicted, you will only pay the pro-rata amount.
  • We will avoid you incurring unnecessary costs by continuing with a project that is clearly not working.
  • You can halt the project at any time, paying only incurred costs to date.
  • We will make sure you have access to all the information knowledge we have gained as a result of the project in a form that you can use.

Full Terms and Conditions (as written in the Contract for Custom Synthesis)

  1. No work will be commenced until we are in receipt of both an order (preferably with PO number) and this signed contract.
  2. Quote is valid for 1 month from date of issue, unless stated otherwise.
  3. Delivery schedules are estimates only, based on anticipated workloads and estimated delivery of starting materials.
  4. The price is calculated on a full-time equivalent (FTE) basis.
  5. The work to be carried out is detailed in the attached proposal, including, where appropriate, details of the synthetic route to the target molecule(s). For longer projects, key milestones (with breakdown costs) are provided. Otherwise a single cost and timescale is provided. The information contained in this proposal is confidential and may be used only for the purpose of agreeing a contract with Link Technologies Ltd. In consultation with the customer, Link may alter the synthetic route, for example in the case of unexpected results such as low yields.
  6. Where a project has more than one milestone, work carried out is invoiced at the date of each milestone.
  7. A target quantity of the target molecule(s) is stated, based on discussion with the Customer, however this quantity is not guaranteed and it is possible that no material will be delivered.
  8. A report will be sent to the Customer at the stated intervals, detailing the work carried out in the time period. This will include conclusions and recommendations for the next stage of work where appropriate.
  9. At any point the Customer has the right to terminate the project and pay only for work completed by Link to the date of termination.
  10. At any point, based on information available from work carried out, Link will immediately inform the Customer if the project is unlikely to reach the targets set. At this point the Customer will have the right to terminate the project and pay only for work completed up to the date of termination.
  11. Work on the project will cease at the end of the contracted period and a summary report issued to the Customer. The information in this report will be the property of the Customer.
  12. If further work is required to achieve the Customer's goal then a new contract will be required before this is embarked on.
  13. If the Customer's goal has been reached before the end of the contracted period then only the pro-rata time will be invoiced.
  14. All materials synthesised, both intermediate and final product, are the property of the Customer (minus quantities required for our internal QC). At the client's discretion we may retain intermediates for future work.

It is worth remembering that for longer-term projects the price per gram of material can markedly reduce after initial feasibility studies have been carried out and verified synthetic routes have been established.

To discuss your custom product request please first send us some information using our custom product enquiry form.