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  2. EDITH
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    EDITH is available in millimolar pack sizes, ready for convenient dilution, in a bottle of your choice,to 0.05M with anhydrous acetonitrile (5mmol/100ml, 10mmol/200ml, and 22.5mmol/450ml).

    If demand is there from our customers we will also provide EDITH packaged in synthesier-ready bottles (ABI, Expedite, MerMade). Please contact us if this is your preferred option.

    Please contact us for bulk packaging and pricing.

    The use of EDITH in the US is protected under US Patent No. 5,852,168 and licence must be sought from The University of Minneapolis.

      Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
      5mmol 2171-G005 £34.70
      10mmol 2171-G010 £62.80
      22.5mmol 2171-G023 £126.70
  4. Sulphurising Reagent (Beaucage)
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    This product is now discontinued. Please refer to EDITH as a suitable alternative.