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  2. 3'-Thiol-Modifier C3 S-S CPG
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      4x0.2µmol 2361-P001 £44.00
      10x0.2µmol 2361-P002 £110.00
      4x1µmol 2361-P010 £90.00
      10x1µmol 2361-P008 £225.00
      10x0.2µmol MerMade 2361-P016 £110.00
      4x1µmol MerMade 2361-P026 £225.00
      10x1µmol MerMade 2361-P022 £225.00
      100mg 2361-B100 £52.00
      1g 2361-C001 £485.00
  4. Bz-S-C6-dT-CE Phosphoramidite
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    Although thiol-modified oligonucleotides are routinely used to introduce labels such as dyes, haptens and enzymes via reaction with maleimides or acetamides, this method has been limited to the 5' or 3' end of the oligonucleotide. The use of thiol reactive labels for internal modification until now required the conversion of an amino functionality, e.g. amino-dT with thioctic acid. We have developed this thiol dT modification that can be incorporated within an oligonucleotide sequence and reacted directly with maleimides and acetamides.

    Do not use ETT with this product. See the use protocol for full details.

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      100µmol 2191-F100 £158.00
      250mg 2191-B250 £325.00
  6. Thioctic Acid NHS Ester
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    Recently, researchers at the University of Strathclyde have investigated the use of Thioctic Acid NHS Ester (2166) in oligonucleotide immobilisation and, in particular, demonstrate the superior conjugate stability afforded by the dithiol modification when compared to mono-thiols [1]. Furthermore, they extend the use of this modification to silver conjugation, hitherto difficult to achieve successfully.

    This molecule can be attached during synthesis to the 3'-end of an oligonucleotide using a 3'-amino-modified solid support, or to the 5'-end post-synthetically to an amino-modified oligo ina similar way as, say, TAMRA NHS ester using standard coupling methods. Availability of this product therefore now allows the simple synthesis of dithiol-modified oligos for attachment to gold and silver surfaces.

    Note that 20mg of product is required for a single conjugation at a 1µmol synthesis scale.

    [1] Enhanced Oligonucleotide-nanoparticle conjugate stability using thioctic acid modified oligonucleotides, J.A. Dougan, C. Karlsson,W.E. Smithand D. Graham, Nucleic Acids Research,35, 3668-3675, 2007[PDF].

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      100mg 2166-B100 £82.40
      250mg 2166-B250 £180.30
  8. 5'-Thiol-Modifier C6-CE Phosphoramidite
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      100µmol 2125-F100 £37.80
      250mg 2125-B250 £78.80
  10. Thiol-Modifier C6 S-S CE Phosphoramidite
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      100µmol 2126-F100 £40.00
      250mg 2126-B250 £85.00
  12. Hydrophilic S-Bz TEG-CE Phosphoramidite
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    Our hydrophilic thiol-modifier is particularly useful for solution-phase couplings of labels to oligos. It is often found that when using classic thiol-modifiers, e.g. thiol-C6 S-S, a hydrophilic spacer is required. This extends the distance of the label from the oligo. 2187 has this hydrophilicity "built-in" and can therefore be used where hydrophilic linking is needed, but the distance of the label from the oligo requires to remain short.

    Do not use either ETT activator with this product as side reactions can occur.

    Please note that we do not generally hold this product in stock, however it can be made to order. Please contact us for up to date availability information.

      Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
      100µmol 2187-F100 £47.40
      250mg 2187-B250 £133.90