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Conjugation Reagents

Thiol Modification

Bz-S-C6-dT-CE Phosphoramidite

5'-(4,4'-dimethoxytrityl)-5-[N-(6-(3-benzoylthiopropanoyl)-aminohexyl)- 3-acrylamido]-2'-deoxyuridine, 3'-[(2-cyanoethyl)- (N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite

  • Item Number: 2191
  • Formula: C58H71N6O11PS
  • Formula Weight: 1091.27
  • Unit Weight: 546.53
Bz-S-C6-dT-CE Phosphoramidite

Although thiol-modified oligonucleotides are routinely used to introduce labels such as dyes, haptens and enzymes via reaction with maleimides or acetamides, this method has been limited to the 5' or 3' end of the oligonucleotide. The use of thiol reactive labels for internal modification until now required the conversion of an amino functionality, e.g. amino-dT with thioctic acid. We have developed this thiol dT modification that can be incorporated within an oligonucleotide sequence and reacted directly with maleimides and acetamides.

Do not use ETT with this product. See the use protocol for full details.

  Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
  100┬Ámol 2191-F100 £158.00
  250mg 2191-B250 £325.00