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Conjugation Reagents

Thiol Modification

Thioctic Acid NHS Ester


  • Item Number: 2166
  • Formula: C12H17NO4S2
  • Formula Weight: 303.40
  • Unit Weight: 188.30 (addition to amino-modified oligo)
Thioctic Acid NHS Ester

Recently, researchers at the University of Strathclyde have investigated the use of Thioctic Acid NHS Ester (2166) in oligonucleotide immobilisation and, in particular, demonstrate the superior conjugate stability afforded by the dithiol modification when compared to mono-thiols [1]. Furthermore, they extend the use of this modification to silver conjugation, hitherto difficult to achieve successfully.

This molecule can be attached during synthesis to the 3'-end of an oligonucleotide using a 3'-amino-modified solid support, or to the 5'-end post-synthetically to an amino-modified oligo ina similar way as, say, TAMRA NHS ester using standard coupling methods. Availability of this product therefore now allows the simple synthesis of dithiol-modified oligos for attachment to gold and silver surfaces.

Note that 20mg of product is required for a single conjugation at a 1µmol synthesis scale.

[1] Enhanced Oligonucleotide-nanoparticle conjugate stability using thioctic acid modified oligonucleotides, J.A. Dougan, C. Karlsson,W.E. Smithand D. Graham, Nucleic Acids Research,35, 3668-3675, 2007[PDF].

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  100mg 2166-B100 £82.40
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