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Unmodified DNA Solid Supports

1000Å Supports

Bz-dA SynBase™ CPG 1000/110

  • Item Number: 2273
Bz-dA SynBase™ CPG 1000/110

Loading: 25-40µmol/g.

Note that previously item number 2333 was used for the MerMade columns.

  Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
  10x40nmol 2273-P007 £30.00
  10x0.2µmol 2273-P002 £30.00
  10x1µmol 2273-P008 £35.00
  10x50nmol MerMade 2273-P018 £30.00
  10x0.2µmol MerMade 2273-P016 £30.00
  10x1µmol MerMade 2273-P022 £35.00
  1g 2273-C001 £30.00
  5g 2273-C005 £150.00
  25g 2273-C025 £750.00